Updated SSD PnP

Reworked the rules for Space Station Disaster. They now fit on 2 pages. Also managed to reorganize the PnP components from 11 pages down to 8 pages.

I think this might be the final version. Unless a publisher wants to change anything. Or a major problem pops up.

I’ll be bringing my prototype to TotalCon in February and hopefully get a lot of plays in there.

Pizza Profit PnP

The PnP for Pizza Profit is ready. You can download it here.

Players have 5 minutes to trade coins and pizza toppings. Each player is trying to get a unique combination of 3 toppings but with only 5 kinds of toppings there is a lot of competition. Can you make the most pizzas? Or will you make your fortune by trading away toppings for a tidy profit?

Players: 5-10

Age: 10+

Playtime: 6 minutes