Updated SSD PnP

Reworked the rules for Space Station Disaster. They now fit on 2 pages. Also managed to reorganize the PnP components from 11 pages down to 8 pages.

I think this might be the final version. Unless a publisher wants to change anything. Or a major problem pops up.

I’ll be bringing my prototype to TotalCon in February and hopefully get a lot of plays in there.

Pizza Profit PnP

The PnP for Pizza Profit is ready. You can download it here.

Players have 5 minutes to trade coins and pizza toppings. Each player is trying to get a unique combination of 3 toppings but with only 5 kinds of toppings there is a lot of competition. Can you make the most pizzas? Or will you make your fortune by trading away toppings for a tidy profit?

Players: 5-10

Age: 10+

Playtime: 6 minutes

Looking for play testers

Space Station Disaster is ready for the next step in development. Multiple blind play test groups.

A bit about the game. Space Station Disaster is a light strategy game. You and your opponents are building a space station by laying out hex tiles. But most of the tiles contain disasters like aliens, radiation, and fire. Your goal is to use matching equipment cards to fix the disasters. If you fix a disaster you get a point. If you don’t have the right equipment you’ll have to run away or risk being injured and losing points. Through clever tile placement, strategic movement and a bit of luck you try and fix more disasters than your opponents before the space station is finished.

The game is very easy to teach and plays in 30-60 minutes depending on the number of players. With a different order of tiles each game you get a unique experience every time. The game starts off easy but soon you will be cornered by disease and mad robots hoping to draw a teleport tile to escape.

Hopefully I can post a video soon. If you are interested in being a play tester and getting the print and play file email me at bluecubeboardgames@gmail.com