Space Station Disaster at BFIG

Showing Space Station Disaster at the Boston Festival of Indie Games went very well. We arrived and setup relatively easily. The banners looked great, and we had a booth facing the entrance so we had good crowds.

The show started off slowly, but soon we had people stop for a demo. We were starting demos a third of the way through the game to speed them up. Before long we started running 2 demos simultaneously and still had crowds of people that couldn’t get a seat to play, so we cut the demo length down even more to only the middle third of the game. This worked well, but we still couldn’t always fit everyone that wanted to play. It was a nice problem to have.

We demoed for 7 hours straight and very rarely had an empty table. Most people enjoyed the game, especially kids. That might have been because we were giving out candy.

We ran out of business cards and sell sheets quickly because I underestimated the crowd. And I ran out of voice about halfway through.

In the end, we got a lot of good feedback, gave out 23 copies of Flipped, and gave a prototype to a publisher. It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to enter a game for next year. My only regret is that I didn’t get to look at any other games because I was demoing constantly.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by for a demo and I hope to see you again next year.

4X Trading – Design Post 7

Had the first play test this week. Still very rough but the ship mechanism seems to work well and the planet economy mechanism is pretty good. Needs some tweaking to be less fiddly. Still need to figure out how events will work. Combat was ok. It didn’t naturally happen in play and the game dragged on. So lots to work on but it’s a promising start. 


4X Trading – Design Post 2

So I have not been as focused on this design as I would like. I’ve been distracted by a few other designs as well as my real job getting busier this season.

I have worked out a mechanism for the ship designs. It’s an abstract way to represent ship builds and damage.

Each ship card will have a grid. The number of columns is based on the ships size. So a large ship would be 12 columns wide and a small ship would be 6 wide. Each aspect of the ship has its own row. So a row for weapons, a row for engines, cargo, and shields.

Not every column in a row will have an item in it. They will be spaced out in different ways. The reason for this is how damage works. There is a separate row for damage. When your ship takes a damage the damage row fills up one spot at a time from the right. Each column with a damage stops working. So any weapons, shields, cargo, or engines in that column are damaged.

With this system components can be arrange to give each ship a different feel. A ship with most of its weapons in the far right columns will lose them from a little damage. But a ship with everything on the far left will be able to take more damage with little effect, thus being a “tougher” ship.

Now I just need to design some to play test the mechanic.