Space Station Disaster Open Beta

You’re shaken awake.

“Where are we? How’d we get here?”

You don’t recognize the person asking you, and worse, you don’t know the answers.

Panicked, you begin to look around. There are two other people in the room looking as confused as you feel. Scattered on the floor are several items, including a laser, and a fire extinguisher. Three closed doors surround you.

Before you can figure out what’s going on one of the doors opens. Behind it is an alien rushing to attack you. The person that woke you grabs the laser from the floor and shoots the alien, vaporizing it.

A light starts blinking on the wall. You notice above the light a sign says “Player 1”. Next to it are signs for Players 2, 3 and 4. All of them with several lights below them, but none blinking.

Then another door opens, behind it a raging fire. You pick up the fire extinguisher and spray the blaze before it burns you all. You notice a new blinking light under the “Player 2” sign.

“I guess it’s some sort of competition.”

You all look at each other, realizing that winning may be your only way out of here. You each grab as much equipment as you can carry and head off in different directions hoping to get enough points to live.

Space Station Disaster is a 30 minute strategic game of building, surviving, and causing problems for your opponents for 2-4 players ages 13 and up.

The Print and Play PDFs are 14 color pages. 5 pages of rules and 9 pages of game components. It is recommended that you use a heavy paper stock for printing the components. In addition to the Print and Play file you will need one pawn for each player (up to 4), one 6-sided die, and optionally a token to mark first player each round. You can use a bag for the room tiles as in the rules or just shuffle them and place them face down.

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Print and play files for Space Station Disaster   Updated: 9/11/15

Rules (PDF 5 Pages)

Components (PDF 9 Pages)

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Space Station Disaster Sell Sheet


-Chris Anderson

11 thoughts on “Space Station Disaster Open Beta”

  1. I like the simplicity of play and the components are friendly to player use. The color concepts are quite helpful. I do have three questions.
    1. If you have credits, (which are victory points) do they get lost during the disaster stage of the game if you have no other tokens?
    2. if you have no tokens at all, Do you go into the negatives or can you not have less than 0?
    3. In the video you show how disasters strike. You started out with both first and second items, but finished the second before the first. Did you just error on the order of resolution or doesn’t it matter?

  2. Rich- I’m glad you enjoyed it.
    1. Yes, you will lose Credit Tokens if you are injured by a disaster and have no other tokens to lose. You will not lose any Credit Cards in hand if you have any.
    2. You do not go into the negatives. Zero is as bad as it gets.
    3. I’m not sure exactly which part of the video you are referring to but disaster movement happens as follows:
    Step 1) Fire and Disease spread to each connected room simultaneously. Then remove any disaster tokens according to the disaster interactions chart.
    Step 2) Mad Robots and Aliens move 2 rooms towards the closest player. When a Mad Robot or Alien enters a room with another disaster they immediately interact with that disaster according to the disaster interactions chart. So one or the other will be removed.
    Step 3) Remove any duplicate disasters in rooms. After this step there should be no more than one disaster token in any room.
    Step 4) Finally disasters interact with players. Since there is only one disaster in a room a player will only collect one point if they are properly equipped and only be injured once and lose 3 points if they are not.
    Note: Electrocution and Radiation do not move.

    I hope that helps. If you have any additional questions you can reply here or email me directly at

    Thanks for playing.


  3. Yup that sums it up! I thank you!
    In the video you did disese first instead of fire. You said in your letter, that they happen at the same time. If they only had removed one token it would make a difference, but if they remove all the other tokens, then it doesn’t matter. I also read in your letter that only one token should be left in a space, so that makes sense. Thanks! Sincerely, Rich

  4. Oh by the way, on my screen, someone is interested in playing Sentinels of the Multiverse. Tell them it is a great game! I always play Haka. He is my Favorite! The gold robot looking guy on lower left of pix, I think his name is Bulkhead?, Anyway my friend plays him and if your an ironman fan, then he is the guy for you.

  5. Hi Chris!

    We played SSD four times last night (4 players), and really enjoyed it. 🙂

    The video was very helpful as well.

    I might have missed this rule, but we did tend to run out of disaster tokens. Should we just print more, or is that the limit? If that is the limit, how do we decide where the tokens should go (where the fire should spread to, etc).

    But it was lots of fun. Thanks!

    1. Jim-
      Glad you enjoyed it.
      There is no limit to the fire and disease disasters. So if you are running short just print more. In the production version I am planning on 54 tokens that are fire on one side and disease on the other. For the print and play I didn’t want people to have to print that many.
      Thanks for playing.

  6. hi! finally printed out the game and was playing a solo game with two pawns. I came accross a couple more questions.
    1. can aliens and robots use the teleporer’s ability when moving?
    2. If they can, would you use that to determine who is closest?
    3. If that is also yes, in case of a tie and left/right was irrelevant, would you then have to flip a coin? (i.e. both players are on a teleporter pad that is NOT the control capsule.)

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