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Wallet Game Contest Entries 2016

A few months ago Button Shy Games had a contest to create new games for their wallet games line. A wallet game is a card game containing 12-18 poker sized cards in a vinyl wallet. Congratulations to the winners Danny Devine, Steven Aramini, and Paul Kluka with their game Circle the Wagons.

It’s a very interesting format to design for and has a lot of potential based on the already released games, as well as the over 70 entries in the contest. I didn’t manage to make it into the finals, but I had a lot of fun designing these games and I think a few have some potential.

Below are 9 of my 10 entries in the contest along with some of the feedback from the judges. Feel free to print, play, and share these and let me know what you think. If any generate interest I’ll continue developing them. Thanks.

The tenth game did generate some interest and I’ll be talking about it soon.


Comic Auction

Cry Wolf

Debt Management

Dungeon Fight

Hats on Cats

Laser Connect

Wallet Battles

Wallet Builders

Wallet Words