3 thoughts on “Homunculi update

  1. could you explain a little about the game please? I’ve never heard of it. Does the name mean anything? Thank you for your time!


    1. Homunculi is the plural of homunculus which is Latin for little man. In fantasy a homunculus is a magically created creature. They also have semi-historical roots in alchemy.
      In my game Homunculi you are an alchemist trying to create the Elixir of Immortality. You try to achieve this goal with your Homunculi (represented by six sided dice) you can have your Homunculi search for ingredients, evolve so they are better at certain tasks, fight monsters for rare ingredients, brew potions, or multiply. Whenever they perform a task you must roll them to see if they succeed. Depending on the task and their abilities there is a chance they will succeed and a chance they will die. So it is helpful to have many Homunculi to complete a task. It’s still pretty rough and I’m working on adding more player interaction.


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