Design Links

Here is a list of some useful links for game design, and publishing. If you have any suggestions please comment or email me at

Stonemaier Games Kickstarter Lessons

Jamey Stegmaier’s blog about running a kickstarter.

James Mathe’s blog about running a kickstarter.

League of Gamemakers

Lots of articles by lots of writers about pretty much every topic in game design.

Cardboard Edison

Lots of collected articles, links, and videos.

The Game Crafter

On demand printer that is great for polished prototypes and an option for small run production.

Combinations & Permutations Calculator

I use combinatronics in a lot of my designs. This calculator will give you lists of all possible combinations or permutations for a given group. You can set the names of the items so the output list can easily be copied to your design document.

Coin Toss Probability Calculator

I needed some statistics for larger groups of coins and this calculator came in handy. I had to go through it multiple times for each size group but it was easier than calculating it myself.

Hypergeometric Calculator

Want to know the probability of getting 3 blue cubes when you pull 10 cubes out of a bag of 50 blue cubes and 50 red cubes?  This is how you find out.

Programming Guide For Video-Gamers

This is focused on video game design, but there is a lot of overlap in the design process. Thanks for sharing Dylan.