I can’t wait to start judging the design contest. Submissions are open, but most won’t come in until the final days before the April 21 deadline. The judging form is ready. We have plenty of judges (but there is room for more). I’ve advertised about as much as I can. I have other work I … Continue reading Patience


I’m at Unpub this weekend. It’s going well so far. I was on 3 panels which was a new experience. I was brought onto the panels later in the process so I didn’t have much time to prepare. Luckily the rest of the panelists (AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps, Marti & Sarah Mahood-Wormuth, Jennifer Graham-Macht, and Jay Treat) … Continue reading Reflecting


In the board game industry, like most industries, networking is very important. Unlike most industries, networking is built right in. Just play a game with some people and you’re networking. I’ve never been great at networking. In college my video production major was harder because I didn’t connect with other video students and when it … Continue reading Networking